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2018 social media trends

Each year, we see new trends emerge regarding social media and the way it’s used.

With the increased growth of social media for marketing businesses, knowing the strongest strategies for incorporating the two will set your business apart. Consider the following:


The use of influencers for marketing your business on social media continues to be a powerful tool in 2018. Finding the right influencer to work with your business as an ambassador will need a lot of careful thought and research; as many times in the past stories have emerged concerning big influencers turning out to not be all they are hyped up to be. When looking for an influencer to work with, ensure you are fully informed of a number of factors, including:

Instagram stories

Posting stories on Instagram has proven a strong marketing tool, with over 250 million daily users engaging with these stories. Instagram stories allow brands and businesses to interact with and receive instant feedback from potential clients; meaning they can listen to and tailor their marketing to suit the desires of customers.

Facebook reviews

The reviews a business receives on Facebook can work in their favour or can diminish the profit they make. When an individual searches for a business on Google, one of the first results is their Facebook page, which allows browsers to see instantly how many stars the business has received and comments relating to the service people have received. Potential customers will choose whether to deal with the business through Facebook reviews before they even visit the business’ website, so ensuring that the reviews you receive are positive is important.

Improved analytics tools

Reviewing and ensuring the tools you are using to analyse your online performance is a strength going into 2018. There are various programs and software available to track how well a campaign is going; how many people are seeing and interacting with the business’ posts, how far the posts are reaching etc. Use this to your advantage and make sure you are using a great tool such as Google Analytics.


The use of chatbots increases the speed of customer service, ultimately providing the potential to convert potential customers into profit. Chatbots allow browsers to interact directly with the business and have the queries addressed, without having to sift through FAQ pages.

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